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We'll discover your dreams, visualize them, and make them happen.
We'll meet weekly for accountability.
I'm a fantastic cheerleader! 

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Sign up for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.
Let's see if we're a good fit.


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How it Works

  • Weekly One-on-One Zoom Call
  • Personalized worksheets
  • Personalized phone wallpaper
  • Text reminders and encouragement
  • Accountability
  • Your own personal cheerleader!

What's Included?


4 Sessions


1 Session

Choose your Commitment


8 Sessions



Learning tools like Power Statements, Vision Boards, Manifesting, and time management, we're going to create time, discover your dreams, and accomplish your goals. 

Show your kids that it is absolutely doable to follow your dreams, even as an adult, even with kids, and even with a busy schedule.

This does not need to be YOU VS. THEM!  Nope, let's create more time so that there is room for ALL of our dreams! 
We can do this!

Have you had something on your heart for many years?
Is there one thing you'd really like to get done?
Does there never seem to be any time for you? 

Have you had something on your heart for many years?

Is there one thing you'd really like to get done?

Does there never seem to be any time for you?

Feeling Stuck?

I used to have dreams and goals! Now I just drive to soccer.

I used to have time for me, but where did it go?

I always feel so overwhelmed and stressed.

Am I even a person anymore? or just a chauffeur.

I want to be a great example to my kids of accomplishing my goals, but I'm just so tired all the time.

Does this Sound Familiar?

These are all areas we can focus on and improve together:


Hire a Coach!

Improving parenting
Becoming your best self
Decreasing anxiety and depression
Finding balance
Getting accountability
Finding out-of-the-box solutions
Gaining clarity
Creating a vision
Creating an action plan
Staying positive
Gaining perspective
Healing a relationship
Improving boundaries
Improving self care
Boosting confidence
Making decisions
Solving a specific problem
Solving a parenting problem
Becoming more compassionate
Getting better at studying
Learning meditation
Managing time
Creating systems in life
Getting unstuck
Figuring out "what's next"
Becoming a strong leader
Increasing productivity
Getting organized
Finding purpose
Making a life transition
Up-leveling your life
Achieving inbox zero

Works with anyone trying to uplevel any area of their life helping you improve future behavior and outcomes.

Teaches tools to help with now and the future. Looks at the past to see how our thoughts got us to our current results so that we can change our thoughts to get better results in the future.

Upleveling your life. Get "unstuck" or realizing fuller potential. Create an action plan to get better results out of life or a specific area of your life. 

Life Coach

Vs. Therapist

Works with diagnosing and treating mental illness, trauma, and other significant concerns.

Dives into the past to figure out why things are the way they are.

Heal from a mental health concern.


"Working with Jessica was like having my own private cheerleader guiding me to my better mom life."

Are you ready to uplevel your life, your children's lives, and your family life?  Let's do this!

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Sign up today for your complimentary 30 Minute Consultation. We will meet up on video zoom. You can show up however you'd like. PJ's are totally acceptable!  

Step 1: I'll learn about your current experience.
Step 2: I'll share if I believe I can help and what that would look like.
Step 3: We'll pick our first day to get started.

Not sure about working with me? Let's have a chat and see if I'm a good fit.  

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