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We've all been there!  You set a New Year's Resolution, you work on it for 2-3 weeks, and then you give up.  You don't lose the weight, take the class, or do THE THING.  Then, you set the same goal the next year. 

What if THIS year was different???  What if this was the year you did the darn thing!?  

Do you want to ACTUALLY Acomplish your goals this year?

This year you signed up for Jessica's course, created your Power Statements, put a Vision Board up on your wall, used the tools from the course, and DID THE DARN THING!  

Now, you're celebrating your big accomplishment!

THIS year is going to be different, because this year, you've got tools to help you succeed and your own personal cheerleader!  

Accomplish Your Goals

You have struggled to achieve your goals on your own.

You want some solid tools so you can actually accomplish the thing you set out to do.

You know you're going to get stuck along the way, and you want someone to cheer you on and celebrate with you!

This course is for you if...

Our course is not for you if...

You don't have any dreams or goals or are fine waiting until all the kids are in college to get time for you.

You always set and accomplish your goals on your own every year and don't like teamwork or friends.

You don't like celebrating with others and prefer to go it alone.

Yes, I want to discover my dreams, visualize my dreams, and accomplish my goals!  I want my own personal cheerleader helping me along the way!

what to expect

The Course

You will get 3 weeks of video lessons (plus a bonus week for questions, answers, and celebrating), and 3 weeks of group zoom calls to give you personalized attention.  Come with your questions and we'll work through it all.

You did it!  You created a SOLID plan to accomplish your goal!  Now it's time to celebrate!  

Q:  Is this course worth it?
A:  ABSOLUTELY!  This course is less than 2 private coaching sessions.  What is the cost to you of NOT accomplishing your goal?

Q: What if I don't know what goals to set?
A:  That's ok!  I'll help you discover your dreams!

Q: What if I can't accomplish my goal in 3 weeks?
A: In 3 weeks, you'll have your Power Statements created, your Vision Board up on your wall, and a plan in place to accomplish your goals!  Need more support!  I'm here for you!  I'll give you all the options to continue working with me at the end of the course. 


Yes please

Week 1:  Discovering your Dreams & Creating Power Statements
Week 2:  Creating Vision Boards that Actually Work
Week 3:  Breaking your goals down into manageable chunks with an actual plan for success.
Bonus Week 4: Questions and Answers & CELEBRATING

Here's what we'll be covering in this
3 Week Course:

Let's do this!

yes, Let's do this!

Accomplishing your goals


  • 3 weeks of video lessons
  • 3 group calls on zoom 
  • workbook


Starting in June

*No refunds

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