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My life feels overwhelming.  How do I manage it all?

Does any of this sound familiar?

I'm burned out.  Can I hide in the pantry?

I'm struggling to find joy in my job/parenting.  Shouldn't this be easier?

My relationship is in the toilet.  Why is it so hard?

We See You!
This retreat was Specifically Designed for you!

As women, we all struggle. We all feel like our foundation is shaky sometimes. We all have moments where we feel weak. Life has changed and we all deal with high levels of uncertainty, stress, anxiety, burnout and overwhelm. Maybe it’s your relationships, parenting, your job, or feelings about yourself. It can be enough to push you to the edge. 

What if we told you life doesn’t have to be like this? There are easily accessible solutions and you don’t have to feel stuck. If you are living an unfulfilled or unhappy life, you have the power within you to change. You can control your outcomes and live a joyous, purpose-driven, peaceful life. A life filled with love for yourself and others. The life you’ve only dreamed of, one that is in alignment with your values.

Count Me IN!

"Coaching was informative and empowering. If there is something you want to accomplish, but fear and anxiety are holding you back, get help.  You won't regret it!"

- K.

Client love

What is your current struggle?  At this retreat, you get not one, but THREE life coaches helping you define the struggle and come up with real solutions to soothe it. 

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Let's get your life aligned with your values.  Learn the tools that will move you from the life you are currently leading  to the more fulfilling life you dream of. Build the foundation that empowers you to live your destiny.

Nothing feels worse than going away for an amazing experience and then coming home to reality and having everything go back to normal.  Let's make sure you take home all of the momentum and lift for a lasting change.

Marci Hawkinson is a certified Life Coach, author, facilitator, & public speaker who specializes in coaching women through challenging transitions. She lives in Newton, KS with her husband and is mom to three amazing young adults. In her free time, she loves to read, travel, engage in deep conversations and create lasting memories. 

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Marci Hawkinson

Meet Your Hosts

Life Coaches

Jessica Erickson

Jessica Erickson is a mom of 4 in Sacramento, California. As a certified life coach, she's on a mission to help Lost Moms Discover their dreams and make them happen! She also loves Ballroom dance and Photography.

Connect with Jessica:
Website  ||  Facebook  || Instagram

Nicole Blanc is a certified Life Coach supporting women who are striving to gain confidence in their unique identities as they focus on personal well being, parenthood and relationships.

Nicole currently leads a variety of women’s groups focusing on authenticity, vulnerability and living fulfilling lives. Favorite things include walking, hiking, chatting with friends, meditating, listening to podcasts, and dancing.

 Nicole is also a certified widow coach living in Kansas City, MO and raising two thriving young men.

Connect With Nicole:

Nicole Blanc

  • Shopping
  • Food Trucks
  • Taking pictures
  • Antiques
  • Free Time to Explore

We'll be spending some time at the Gorgeous Magnolia Market!

It Will Feel Fantastic To Return To Your Life After This Glorious Weekend Away With:

  •  A Fresh   Perspective
  •  A Powerful   Mindset
  •  Concrete   Action Steps 
  •  An   Unwavering   Belief In   What Is   Possible For   You And   Your Life.

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The Details

This intimate experience includes 3 nights accommodations at a gorgeous vacation home, meals/snacks/beverages and a swag bag.

Everyone will have a bed, but in true slumber party fashion beds will be shared. Custom content has been created by the retreat hosts, three professional certified Life Coaches. Spaces are limited. Sign up early and bring a friend!

In order to provide impactful and lasting results, there will be a beautiful mix of activities, interaction, instruction, reflection, group- and one-on-one coaching.
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